Special Interview: Misako Yasuda
Misako Yasuda

Mrs. Misako Yasuda is not only a celebrity; she is also a runner, as well as being involved in dietary education activities, publishing books on her lifestyle, etc. On top of this, she is also a mom in the midst of raising her two children. Mrs. Yasuda headed to Habikino City, Osaka prefecture to enjoy a historic site tour of the World Heritage-registered burial mounds and the specialty products that take advantage of the blessings of the surrounding nature. Being her first time in Habikino City, we asked Mrs. Yasuda for her thoughts on her trip.

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Special Interview: Misako Yasuda
――We sent you on a tour around Habikino City, Osaka prefecture – how was it?

I had heard of Habikino City but had never visited before, this being my first trip there. It was rich in nature and air was so fresh! The abundance of beautiful scenes made me wish I had come earlier! It was a trip of discoveries – I never knew wonderful places like the winery and burial mounds existed!

――Did any of the sites leave a strong impression on you?

Definitely the burial mounds. I was surprised by the size of the ‘Mausoleum of Emperor Ojin’ and the ‘Hakuchoryo Mausoleum’! Actually, there are burial mounds in Kyoto where I am from too. When I was a child I used to wonder what was inside the burial mounds. Did they contain treasures…? Thanks to my visit at ‘Konda Hachimangu Shrine’ this trip I was able to find out! I was quite moved to discover that some of the ancient harnesses still remain today as a part of Japan’s National Treasure. My childhood imagination became reality!

Special Interview: Misako Yasuda
――How was the gourmet food in Habikino City?

All the food I tried was delicious! The vegetables and seafood were especially good. My lunch at ‘Eight Verse’ and ‘MAISON INCO’ shows just how many different varieties of vegetables are served here. All were fresh, rare and somewhat stylish too, all of which were easily devoured by my body! I am not usually able to enjoy quite so many vegetables in a single meal - it is great news for women like myself! Thanks to this two-day trip I enjoyed so many fresh ingredients from Habikino City making me feel a little healthier inside.

Special InterviewMisako Yasuda
――Did you know there were wineries in Osaka?

I had no idea. The orchard scenery around ‘Asuka Wine’ surprised me – it was almost as if I had suddenly gone overseas despite being located not too far from Osaka City. The first time I tasted Osaka wine was at the wine tasting event at ‘Kawachi Wine’. I thought it was delicious enough to not only be drunken with meals, but also for wine lovers to enjoy. My heart was warmed to think how this delicious wine is being produced with great care by the skillful hands of the wine makers. The fact such wineries are easily accessible by train in Osaka makes it is a very attractive tourist spot for adults as well.

Special Interview: Misako Yasuda
Special Interview: Misako Yasuda
――We also sent you to take on the challenge of making haniwa, something with strong ties with ancient burial mounds.

I have made bowls/dishes before, but this was the first time for me to make haniwa. The assistants at ‘Kawachi Konda Haniwa-no Sato Okuraya’ kindly taught me the process and it was fun to try! I felt nervous when I had to make the holes which determine the haniwa's expression… the overall look of the piece can change depending on where I make my holes – such as their angle, etc.. When I showed them my finished haniwa they said, “It resembles you!” haha! I grew more and more attached to it as I made it. It was very fun – I would like my children to try next time!

Special Interview: Misako Yasuda
――What kind of things would you like to do if you could visit Habikino City again?

My hobby is running, so I would love to go for a run around the burial mounds. I heard that rape blossoms and cosmos bloom around the area depending on the season. I might find myself putting in more effort than usual in my running if I could run among the flowers each season while I enjoy the burial mounds. I feel that the abundance of nature can help to heal people. These burial mounds are located inside the city too, meaning I can stop off at a café easily. A ‘Burial Mounds Café Run ’ sounds ideal! Please arrange it! haha

Special InterviewMisako Yasuda
――What kind of trips do you usually go on?

I am an active person who tends to act as soon as I think about something. Before I got married I often brought airplane tickets on the same day as the trip departed! In those days I not only traveled domestically but also overseas. These days I enjoy travelling domestically with my family. I want my children to be able to fully experience nature so often choose locations where we can interact with nature. Recommendations from friends also help me choose a location to travel. I believe in fate, so when someone recommends somewhere to me I want to do my best to visit them. I especially like island hopping tours where I can sense their culture and learn about their history.

Special InterviewMisako Yasuda
――What is the attraction of traveling for you, Mrs. Yasuda?

I think ‘meeting people’ is my attraction. I want to take in the scenery and enjoy eating gourmet food through meeting the local people. I feel adventurous when I think I might discover something new that is not in a guidebook. When I reflect back on past trips, the best memories are always of the people I meet along the way.

Special Interview: Misako Yasuda
安田 美沙子 Misako Yasuda

Born in Kyoto prefecture on April 21st, 1982. Celebrity appearing in various TV shows. Married in 2014, currently the mother of two children. A Dietary Instructor, whom is also certified as a Healthy Food Coordinator. While learning about Japanese culture she developed products to enrich everyday lives and started her own brand, ‘FOUR O FIVE’. Also an active runner, with her book, ‘Life with a Smile, Starting From Misako Yasuda’s Run, Beauty, and Food, - My Fun Everyday Routine’ (Shougakukan) now on sale.


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