Habikino City is the perfect place to grow grapes thanks to having almost no snow and not much rain, with grape cultivation thriving since long ago. Delaware grapes grown in Osaka are not only certified as ‘Osakamon’ (specialty product of Osaka), they also have the third largest yield amount in the whole of Japan. We interviewed two winery owners in Habikino City.

Writing/ Eri Oshima (Penseur)

The ‘Osaka Wine’ Story

Creatively Ensuring Their Customers Do Not Tire of Their Selection…
Aiming to Be a Winery Loved by All

Kawachi Wine Co., Ltd. Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Shigeyuki Kondo

He joined Kontokuya Yoshu Brewery; the predecessor of Kawachi Wine in 2005 after working at Sake Sales Co., Ltd. upon graduating from university. He has been the CEO of Kawachi Wine Co., Ltd. since 2009. After the fourth generation succession, he has become sensitive to customer’s needs and spreads the charm of Kawachi Wine through branding aimed at light users.

The ‘Osaka Wine’ Story

No Manual to Follow…
Creating Tours That Let their Originality Shine

Kawachi Wine; located in Komagatani, Habikino City, is brimming with creative ideas to keep customers from getting bored. As Mr. Shigeyuki Kondo said, “You can nominate a guide of your choice in our winery tours!” This system was introduced to avoid any possible mismatches between tour content and visitor desire, for some visitors prefer to focus on studying their wine, while others simply want to enjoy comparing their wine.

“Regardless of whether an employee is full-time or part-time, I assign tasks to all whom can do the task with enthusiasm – this includes the guided tours. The tour content naturally gets richer this way too as they want to show the best of the vineyard that they care for with their very own hands. It also encourages everyone to work creatively to ensure of being nominated as a guide again. The tour content is unique to that particular guide - therefore meaning that visitors can enjoy a tour multiple times over!”

The ‘Osaka Wine’ Story

Boldly Taking on New Challenges
This Winery Evolves as it Passes Down the Baton

“When we started we were selling wine in bulk according to orders from major clients. But the sales contracts ran dry in 2000 and we immediately faced a dead end. My father then suggested turning our best efforts to direct sales and built Kawachi Wine Museum to attract customers.”

Mr. Kondo became involved in the management side too in 2005, reconsidering and changing things from the product line-up to the style. Business partners were also reconsidered. He introduced the system whereby visitors’ can choose their preferred tour guide, as well as allocating fields for workers to manage.

The ‘Osaka Wine’ Story

High Regards on Label Designs
Homemade Wine with Pride

The label of Kawachi Wine’s flagship range has also been reconsidered. It now has a chic design with a motif of the sun and the moon rising from Mt. Nijo. It is also imparted with the creative idea of, ‘You’ll know what time of the day you’ll want to drink just by looking at the label!’ Mr. Kondo highly recommended the white wine; ‘Kontoku Wine Delaware’ with its clear appearance, refreshing yet tart taste and fresh aroma. It goes very well with Japanese dishes – don’t miss out on your chance to try it!

The ‘Osaka Wine’ Story

Processing Wine from Cultivation to Brewing
Great Wine Comes from Great Grapes

Asuka Wine Co., Ltd. Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Yuzo Nakamura

Born into a family of grape farmers, he grew up watching his parents devote themselves into grape cultivation. The Muroto typhoon that struck the Kansai region in 1934 triggered the start of their winery journey. Asuka Wine was established in the same year and has now passed down to its third generation. Mr. Nakamura has over 40 years’ experience in both grape cultivation and brewing. He not only makes seedlings and compost, but also creates the designs for his own wine labels.

The ‘Osaka Wine’ Story

The Typhoon That Triggered
Their Winemaking Journey

Mr. Yuzo Nakamura was born into a family of grape farmers that has continued since the Meiji period. Today, he is the third generation CEO of Asuka Wine. The Muroto Typhoon that struck the Kansai region in 1934 became the trigger for this regular table grape farm to start making wine. “Most of the vines were knocked down by the strong winds, it was nearly harvest time but all the grapes had fallen and were damaged.'' In order to save some of the damaged grapes he started making wine.

The ‘Osaka Wine’ Story

Raising Quality Grapes
Compost Trial and Error

Out of a desire to deliver safe wine to customers, Asuka Wine has developed a recycling-oriented grape farm where everything that comes out of the field eventually returns to the field. They also refrain from using manufactured products and make their very own compost over the course of the year using the pruned branches, seeds and peel leftover pressing. He stated; “This is the secret to creating the ideal fluffy soil effective for growing roots”. They do not compromise on anything, even their soil-making.

The ‘Osaka Wine’ Story

Brewed with Due Care
The Desire to Deliver the Very Best Glass of Wine

“Good wine is determined by good grapes”, said Mr. Nakamura. He recommends the wine, ‘Asuka Delaware 2021’. This wine is made by purposely harvesting his 100% Delaware grapes before they are fully ripe to create a deliciously fruity wine with a characteristic fresh tart taste. You can also enjoy various other kinds of wine on the winery tours that are held regularly – why not try them all?

Thanks to their location near Osaka City, they are easily reached on foot from the closest station. Learn more about grapes and brewing while enjoying Osaka wine!