The various specialty products of Habikino City were produced by taking advantage of the surrounding natural blessings. This catalog will introduce the various ‘Eemon’ of Habikino City, Osaka Prefecture. Why not take advantage of the ‘furusato nozei’ gift system (hometown tax) to enjoy the charm of this city?

Written by: Eri Oshima (Penseur)

‘Eemon’ (Good Things) of Habikino City Catalog


Delicious Grapes Accentuated to their Maximum
Proudly Introducing this Wine Brimming with Personality

Habikino City; once ranked No. 1 for grape production, has been flourishing in winemaking since the early Showa period. The entire process, from grape farming to winery is done inside the city itself. Indulge in refined wines made from a wide variety of grapes such as Delaware, Merlot, and Chardonnay!

‘Eemon’ (Good Things) of Habikino City Catalog


Beef Lovers Rejoice!
Must-try Dishes

Habikino City has over 130 years of meat-producing history and is one of the leading beef towns in the Kansai area of Japan. ‘Manno Sohonten’; established in 1930, and ‘MSA Inc., Ltd.’; a supermarket operator, all take pride in stocking excellent, safe beef products from Habikino City. In particular, ‘Osaka Ume Beef’; raised on ‘ume’ (plums), is a rare brand of beef from Osaka known for its delicious sweet and robust flavor.

‘Eemon’ (Good Things) of Habikino City Catalog


Once You’ve Tried It, You are Hooked!
A Freshly Harvested Taste

Habikino City and its rich nature surroundings, is ideal for farming crops. There are lots of orchards here blessed with delicious fruits such as Habikino’s specialty of figs and grapes – both of which have the highest production volume in Osaka. These fruits are earnestly raised with due care, ensuring they have a fine color and sheen brimming with sweetness and juiciness. Enjoy the freshness delivered direct from the farms!

‘Eemon’ (Good Things) of Habikino City Catalog

Takeda Ham

Excellent Ham Made from Carefully-Selected Pork
Enhance the Umami of the Ingredients

Takeda Ham produces ham and wiener sausages brimming with the rich flavor and umami of pork. One of their top products, ‘Delicious Osaka Roast Pork’, achieved the ‘Osakamon’ (specialty product made in Osaka) certification and continues to adhere to its traditional methods of making. Thigh meat is marinated in a special sauce before being roasted to ensure the original deliciousness of pork can be fully enjoyed. Enjoy the specialties of Takeda Ham for yourself!

‘Eemon’ (Good Things) of Habikino City Catalog

CHOYA Umeshu (Plum Wine)

Using Carefully-Selected Plums
A Top-Quality Product by CHOYA

CHOYA can use carefully-selected domestic plums of the highest grade thanks to their work with farmers from the very beginning – including from soil preparation! CHOYA uses its own authentic still aging method where plums are soaked for about a year to produce their signature plum wine with its light, sweet and sour flavor and fruity aroma. Their ‘The CHOYA’ series in particular is an authentic plum wine made with 100% Nanko-plums from the Kishu area of Japan.

‘Eemon’ (Good Things) of Habikino City Catalog

Sightseeing Flight

Seeing Burial Mounds from the Sky is
A Truly Amazing Experience!

Enjoy a 15-minute sightseeing flight via helicopter! The flight starts with the World Heritage-certified Mozu-Furuichi kofun Group, before moving on to the Mausoleum of Emperor Ojin, the Hakuchoryo Mausoleum, and many more! Clearly see the shape of the beautiful keyhole-shaped burial mounds from the sky― this large-scale spectacle cannot be seen from the ground and will no doubt leave you speechless! Take to the skies to view the burial mounds via helicopter!

Habikino City’s ‘Furusato Nozei’
gift system (hometown tax)

The ‘Eemon’ of Habikino City, Osaka Prefecture are part of the ‘furusato nozei’ gift system. Enjoy your favorite flavors of Habikino City once again, or order some Habikino City food to arrive at your home! Why not experience Habikino City through the new ‘furusato nozei’ style of traveling?