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FO-CAL Data (as of August 31st, 2022)
Area: 26.45 square kilometers

Fun fact: The local character, ‘Tsubutan’ was modeled on the local specialty product - grapes!

Habikino City, Osaka Prefecture

Habikino City; located in the southeastern part of Osaka Prefecture, is in the Kawachi Plain and surrounded by the Ikoma, Shigi, Kongo, and Katsuragi mountain ranges. It is a city blessed in rich nature and historical sites. There are ancient burial mounds of various sizes and shapes scattered in Habikino City, including the World Heritage-certified; ‘Mausoleum of Emperor Ojin’, one of the largest burial mounds in Japan and also a deeply spiritual place. The city is a well-known fruit production area and wine made from grapes raised in this area have become one of the signature specialty products of Osaka. See, touch, taste, and be healed… Let’s take a trip to discover for ourselves the charms of Habikino City!